Flanking sound transmission of wall constructions

Measurement Normalized flanking level difference, vibration transmission (index) of wall junctions
Standards DIN EN ISO 10848-2, DIN EN ISO 10848-3
Measurement object Separating walls (massive, masonry, lightweight), additional linings, internal and external thermal insulation composite systems, wall junctions

Technical data

Floor area (4 rooms) 89.5 m² (total)
Room volume (4 rooms) 276.6 m³ (total)
Entrance doors (H × W) 2.00 × 0.83 m and 2.06 × 1.94 m

Special feature

Max. sound reduction (related to the size of test sample) Rw,max = 81 to 83 dB (depending on transmission path)

More information

  • The test facility with concrete walls can be separated in 4 adjacent rooms, which are divided by isolated joints (horizontal, vertical) in order to minimize the flanking sound transmission.
  • Reproduction of standard construction situations
  • Reduced flanking transmission
  • Typical scenarios in buildings can be investigated, considering all horizontal direct and flanking transmission paths of airborne and structure-borne sound.