Elastic modulus, mechanical loss factor

Measurement Elastic (Young’s) modulus, mechanical loss factor
Standard Based on ISO 6721-4
Measurement object All types of elastomers (plastic and foamed materials), sealing compounds (silicone, acrylic, etc.), elastic adhesives

Technical data

Size of material samples Diameter 20 mm (cylindrical slices)
Thickness of material samples 3 to 5 mm
Shape function The influence of geometry is considered by using a shape function.
Frequency range 50 to approx. 3000 Hz (upper limit depends on the sample)

Special feature

Sample preparation Preparation and hardening of the sample is carried out outside of the test system. Afterwards the sample is installed with adapters on both sides.


More information

  • Excitation by using forced vibrations (swept sine) generated by an electrodynamic shaker
  • Detection of input force and resulting displacement with piezoelectric force transducer and accelerometer including the phase difference between force and displacement